Pins and Needs

Not my beautiful kitchen.

Not my beautiful kitchen.

I’m a bit of a Pinterest fiend. This is both a blessing and a curse, just like chocolate really. Pinterest helped me embrace the possibilities of vertical storage. You will hear me mention vertical storage more than these two times if you read more of my blog. Vertical storage is my friend. Vertical storage can be your friend. Vertical storage is undiscriminating, and vertical storage does not have to be aesthetically challenging. I will write a post on all the artful vertical storage with which my home is blessed.

I mentioned Pinterest is also a curse. This is because it can lead me to lose all perspective on why I do not need a shiny white minimalist scandi-inspired interior splashed with tasteful pops of colour, which can lead to little awkwardnesses such as outbursts to unsuspecting husbands about the existential loneliness of being the only one to care about the state of the kitchen cabinetry. Followed by a slow return to equinamity and taking to said cabinetry with paint from the garage. Om mani padme hum.

Thusly* I embrace a bohemian interior style, because boho obviates the minimalism with which I will never be burdened, but convivially accommodates the clutter 5 people inevitably collect with style, and me, I am a stylish gal.


*grammar police get a grip