The Crone Chronicler: Being Fallow

Writing 101, Day Two: A Room With a View or Just a View..

The Crone Chronicler is a relatively new blogger whose writing I’ve been really enjoying – she’s a lady of accumulated years, one of those whose voices it feels like are seldom heard on the net, technology being the moving hurdle it is. At 55, she says, she decided to become an “original” (how fabulous!). Not content to wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go, in the years since, she has set out to Explore life, because “old persons ought to be explorers”. How could you not be bewitched by a tagline like that?

In her Room with a View writing challenge (linked above), she wrote about being fallow. My last experience of anything which might be called fallow was the last few days when I’ve been laid up with a completely terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold. When I regained my sense of humour, I wondered if it was a moment of fallowness I should appreciate while I could.

When I’d first read the story, I was fascinated with the concept of being fallow, while at the same time knowing I had only the vaguest grasp of what it meant. I’m still thinking about it.

What do you reckon – what does it mean to be fallow?