Axolotls & Oxymorons – moving my art and poem HQ

To my dear followers, I’ve decided to move my creative worx over to Axolotls & Oxymorons. If you’re following Chaos Girl because her bedlam-wrangling journey resonates with you, please stick around, but my words, thinks and arts are going to be posted heretofore etc and so forth at A&O. This is just to keep things tidy. Clearly I’m only realising this now because as I mentioned, doing things back to front is how I roll.

I hope you continue to enjoy the ramblings of Chaos Girl, feel free to follow both Chaos Girl & the Real World and Axolotls & Oxymorons, I’ll be continuing to post in both.


chaos girl


the sacred three

we three


You can tell I like Klimt…