We’ve lost something – it’s called perspective

My husband sent me this link today – it’s a photograph taken of the Milky Way in the southern hemisphere skies, and it’s incredible. It got me thinking – this is something that can be seen with the naked eye, but isn’t usually because of light pollution. It’s awesome, it’s massive, it puts things in perspective. Is it any wonder our ancestors, who for tens of thousands of years would have seen this sight every time they looked at the night sky, were spiritually aware – look what they saw every night. Something bigger than themselves. And it’s no wonder we think we’re gods striding the earth – pretty much all we see is what we’ve made. It’s hard to comprehend the impact we’ve had on how we see our world. As we’ve seen less of the awesome view above us, so our vision has shrunk, until all it seems to encompass is our navels.


16 thoughts on “We’ve lost something – it’s called perspective

  1. Yes. We are too full of ourselves. The mere fact that we are breathing should straighten that twisted perspective. Or a budding leaf or a glistening rain drop. But it never does. Yes. We are too full of ourselves.


  2. Perhaps a billion people will live out their lives captivated by the lint that always mysteriously appears in the navel immediately after working so hard to clear it. At the same time, the miraculous geometry of nature and the universe is viewed as something that must be tolerated as part of life.


    • Maybe if we got to the bottom of the mystery of eternal lint we would have worked out the answer to life the universe and everything! On the other hand maybe not…. In the meantime, God bless people like deGrasse Tyson for continuing to wonder at it all, and share wonder augmented by knowledge via the blessed internet. I heard a good line – “we built cities to get away from nature”. Mm…much as I am not a great friend of bugs or tsunamis, I feel on the whole we wouldn’t have to run if we were more in tune with our environment.

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  3. Beautiful perspective. When are people ever going to ‘get it’? Are people ever going to ‘get it’? I guess I shouldn’t worry about other people, and just make sure that I get it, but that is hard sometimes when you see the world as it has become. Thank You for stating this so succinctly yet eloquently.


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