I had a home in Africa – published in The Woven Tale Press

As an incipient writer, it’s a thrill to get people to read and enjoy your work, and to get it published is kind of the ultimate thrill really. You know, for us bookish types who don’t go in for the jumping off bridges sort of thrill. And so with my little heart bursting with pleasure, I can say my piece on growing up in Africa has been published in the August issue of The Woven Tale Press <sighs happily>.

You can find it on page 23 of the latest Woven Tale Press along with the mind-children of a number of other arty types, written, painted and otherwise formed.


17 thoughts on “I had a home in Africa – published in The Woven Tale Press

      • And, it was a captivating story. I could visualize the house and the dark night of the tragedy outside the gate. But most of all, I felt the warmth and stateliness of it through your writing. Wonderfully done. 🙂


      • Well thank you. Being edited was a strange experience – my first experience of that, and I didn’t like it!! It felt like a lot of the personality was taken out of the writing. But, I’m such a noob, I have to trust someone who knows what they’re doing. And it’s hard to step back and see it from eyes that don’t know the back story already.

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