Most Influential Blogger Award! – and no-stress nominations

I’ve been nominated for another award! This time by Running in my Head – thank you so much 🙂

most influential blogger award I’d like people who receive it to feel appreciated for what they do without feeling burdened, coz I’m all about no stress! So if you would prefer just to take it as a compliment, please do, no hard feelings!

With that in mind, to accept the nomination:

1. Display the Award on your Blog.

2. Present a few deserving Bloggers with the Award (I’ll leave it up to you how many).

3. Link your awardees in a post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment (or a pingback).

4. Include an embedded video or soundtrack of your current favorite song.


I would like to nominate these bloggers, either because they’ve been influential in one way or another to me, or, even if I haven’t got to read them a lot yet, I want to acknowledge their positive influence in the blogosphere:

My Puzzling Piece – Rachele has been through a lot, but still puts in time online to share autism resources

Erika Fuego – Erika is a beautiful soul who writes about love and all related things, which is everything

Sensitive New World – Melene deconstructs and explains being highly sensitive

My Blog hopespringseternal – a Scottish blogger, which grabs me from the start on account of my own Scottish heritage, posts beautiful pictures of his country

Looking4GodToday – Michelle writes about life, love, God, and hearing from him – and not hearing from him

Travel Tales of Life – Sue has the most interesting stories (along with photos) of her many travels

Get Nutmegged – Meg is a lovely blogger who writes about living with ADD, among other things (great resources here)

Fatshion Hustlings – Gillian is brutally and refreshingly honest about life and discrimination of various kinds

Gotta Find a Home – Dennis has befriended many homeless people, and tells their stories so that they can be heard

Jnana Hodson – Jnana is a Quaker with a hippie heart, he writes novels and talks about faith among the Friends and the deeper meaning of life


As for my favourite song, this one has been a perennial front runner for me – I give you Neil Finn, with the rather haunting Twisty Bass….



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