The little gift that could

This is a very quick post, because I’m feeling really bad about all the blogs I haven’t visited and need to – getting the Very Inspiring Blogger award has been firstly, a lovely and unexpected surprise, but then also a gift that keeps giving – a couple of people have told me that being nominated has really inspired them, and that has been really encouraging for me to be used to encourage other people! And besides all that, I’ve had people say such lovely and touching things about me and my blog. So, wow, I’m pretty blown away! Thank all you lovely people, and especially Inese who nominated me 🙂

And to the people I haven’t replied to or whose blogs I haven’t visited (yet), I’m a-comin’!! We’re down a laptop at home, oh the first world tragedy of it! But it is slowing this hover craft 😉


2 thoughts on “The little gift that could

  1. It’s sooo Willy-Nilly, how we build such friendships across the great digital grid when we share something of ourselves and the favor is returned ten-fold.


    • Sometimes my faith in humans and life is restored 🙂 The interwebz get a bad rap for undermining social communication, but I’ve never really bought that. But you say ‘when we share something of ourselves’, and I guess that’s key to actual connection as much in cyberspace as RL! Thank God for honest people 🙂

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