Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Inese from inesemjphotography has been kind enough to nominate me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

veryinspiring_bloggerawardIt’s my very first award, thank you Inese πŸ™‚

Inese lives in Ireland, and if that’s not enough to draw you over to her blog by itself, she takes stunning pictures of hauntingly beautiful Ireland and elsewhere (and she’s a lovely lady, you can tell).

And now I need to choose 15 out of all the great blogs out there to nominate for the same award. If my nominees choose not to accept, I hope you will just take it as a compliment πŸ™‚

  1. The Chrone Chronicler
  2. Days and Months
  3. Tabitha’s Gluten-Free Dishes
  4. The Clear Parent
  5. Deborah Makarios
  6. Willy Nilly To and Fro
  7. Life’s Journey’s Unfolding
  8. At My Table
  9. Nerd in the Brain
  10. Menomama3
  11. Quarter Acre Lifestyle
  12. Leanne Cole Photography
  13. Petals Unfolding
  14. Nurse’s Links to Resources
  15. Love Support Educate Advocate Accept

I enjoy and appreciate each and every one of these blogs and if I had time I’d say why for each, but I find each of them inspiring in their own unique flavours, and I definitely recommend visiting them.

Accepting the nomination there are two rules:

1)Β The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger AwardΒ logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.

2)Β The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

Thanks again, Inese πŸ™‚

And later that month…..

Meike from hubilicious also nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger award – thank you Meike! πŸ™‚ Meike/Hubi is a German living in California, and writes about that adventure, and food, and life, the universe and everything. Check it out!



27 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    • And V, you’re one of my choices of nominees for the very inspiring blogger award, because I love it that you’re here telling your own story πŸ™‚ Keep telling it!!


      • I’ve been pondering accepting your nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks so very much for including me in your list. For now I’m going to decline with a grateful heart. I have tried unsuccessfully to transfer the badge to my blog. I know that I am seriously lacking in some necessary skills. I plan to take Blogging 101 and become grounded in the mechanics of blogging. And keep on writing all along. I’m going to do this thing right!


      • Aw V – I completely respect your decision, but I hope you’re not only declining on account of not being able to upload the badge? I’m sure I can talk/write you through that if that’s the problem! If you’re declining for other reasons, then that’s all good, but please do take the nomination as a sincere expression of my admiration – there is a reason you’re at the top of my list! You are truly inspiring to me πŸ™‚


      • Yes, I was stumped by not being able to figure out how to get the badge on my blog. And I didn’t know how complicated it might be to nominate 15 other bloggers. I felt like I was in over my head. And YES, please write me instructions to get the badge transferred. Writing this blog with you and the others brings me challenge, purpose and joy. Thanks. And I’m also learning to ask for help – a new thing for me.


      • Sorry for the late reply, we’re one laptop down and my husband needed the one left πŸ™‚
        So to display the badge: this is the URL you’ll need, select and copy the text below, from ‘https’ to ‘jpg’ –
        Next go to Customize – you can reach this if you go to your Home page and hover over your name in the bar at top left of your screen.
        From the list that drops down select Customize.
        On the right of your screen a bar will appear saying “Customize your blog” in vertical text.
        Hover your pointer over it and it will turn blue and a list will appear.
        Click on “Widgets: Sidebar” in this list.
        A pop out panel will appear, these are the widgets you already have in your Sidebar.
        You want to add an Image widget to this list – look at the bottom of the pop out panel with your widgets, there will be an Add Widget button.
        Click this, and in the search box that appears in the new panel, enter “Image”.
        For me, the image widget appears at the bottom of a list of 4 widgets now.
        Click that option and a new widget will be added to your sidebar. It will be added to the bottom, but you can drag it up to wherever you want it. (You can do that by clicking the small arrow on the right of the grey bar to shrink the widget’s info away for now, and dragging the bar up.)
        Then you want to get into the image widget info again, so click on the small arrow again.
        Now you will use the URL I pasted above ^
        Copy and paste it into the box called Image URL (second from top).
        That should be it! (I also pasted that link into the last box which is called Link URL but I don’t know that that’s necessary.)
        Now just click Save at the bottom of the blue vertical panel, and your badge should display πŸ™‚

        That’s probably more info than you needed, I’ve just put all the steps just to be sure. Hope it helps!!

        Then you need to make a post telling your followers about your nomination, and nominating your own. You could copy and paste the text from mine and edit it if you like. And yes, sorry, it is a bit time consuming – that’s why some people don’t accept awards! You’ll need to choose 15 bloggers, get their URLs from their Home pages (it’s the text in the bar at the top left of your browser – just click once and all thhat text will be highlighted, then you copy and paste into your blog. Don’t worry to make ‘word links’ to all of them, as long as you have a link.)

        For the badge for that post, right click and save the image from my post, and then upload it to your media.

        It is a bit of work! But don’t feel stressed about it, you can take your time to put it together if you choose to do it. You could just do as many others are doing and post that you were nominated.


      • Thanks for your detailed instructions. I do need every one of them. I’m going to ask my son to perform the operation for me so I don’t screw up. I don’t mind doing the necessary details to nominate the fifteen other people. I’ll take my time since that is OK. Thanks again for nominating me and helping make it possible for me to accept. OOXX, V


      • I got the award badge onto my blog – who knows how ! It’s like the Ghanaian saying I use, you don’t know where you are going -or how you will get there – AND YOU DO. Thanks again for directions.


  1. Congratulations! And thanks – it’s my first award too! In fact, somebody might need to tell me how to display said award on my blog because I am next door to a Luddite (figuratively not literally, alas!).


    • Well congratulations to you! πŸ˜‰
      To add the badge to a post, you can download the image direct from my post, but to display it in your sidebar, if you click on the one within my post to enlarge it, then you can use the URL from that for the image widget. Hope that helps!


  2. Congratulations on your Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You deserve it because you are, well….Very Inspiring :-). Thank you for the nomination as well! I appreciate your condideration of my writing, art, and photography. It’s those gentle acknowledgements from one’s readers that is the source of inspiration when one needs it the most.


  3. I accept your generous nomination. In another comment I found your directions for adding the badge to a post. I hope I can manage it. My next hurdle is getting the techie stuff right.


  4. Congratulations and thank YOU so much for nominating me. YOU are so deserving of this award, and it being your first one, makes it even more special for me that you nominated me. As of this writing, I have this link on my Awards Page, just like I told you I would. I apologize for being late, but it was a wild ride for me this weekend. Now that the ride is over, I have done what I said. Again, I am touched deeply and greatly honored!!!! Bless you! Love, Amy

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  5. Congratulations on your award, that is so wonderful. Thank you so much for nominating me as well. I don’t do awards, but I have added a link back to this post on my awards page.


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  7. Thank you so much for the nomination. It means a lot coming from you, the writer of a blog that inspires me and keeps me thinking long after I’ve read it. As I’m new to blogging (and following blogs) I don’t have enough to nominate – but I will keep reading and discovering new blogs and get back to the nominations in the future. Meanwhile I am thankful for the encouragement!


    • That’s very sweet of you! Actually I don’t think of you as a newbie at all, your blog and writing is very polished πŸ™‚ Anyway this is why I enjoy this awarding business; all this encouragement going around.

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