Advanced Style: Style icons over 80

I first came across Advanced Style on Pinterest (but of course). I was in the throes of alternative fashion inspiration when boom! there were these fabulous ladies, oozing style all over the screen. Alternative? This is an alternative, I thought, and not just to twinsets and pearls.

I’m fascinated by these ladies, with their confidence, chutzpah even, to be sassy and sexy, or just plain alternative, long past society’s decreed polite age for that. Why do they capture my imagination so much?

These women own something, something age and society’s boxing of that hasn’t wrestled from their manicured grips. They own their own image and representation of themselves as women. No one defines them but themselves.

And then there’s the simple answer. That’s who I wanna be when I grow up.


All images by Ari Seth Cohen

Style icons over 80 Advanced style by Ari Seth Cohen

Since 2008, photographer Ari Seth Cohen immortalizes the streetwear of fashionistas over 70 around the world for his massively clicked blog Advanced Style. Result: thousands of clicks on the web, hordes of followers and now a documentary film in the U.S. and UK in these weeks.

Style icons over 80 Ilona 94 years, Joyce Lynn Dell 80 and 81. These three fashionable ladies are featured in the documentary “Advanced Style”. The film is based on the blog of the same name launched by American photographer Ari Seth Cohen, who from 2008 immortalizes “geriatric” streetwear around the world by identifying icons of style even at 80 years old. The documentary follows the lives of seven bloggers over eighty who share their thoughts on style, fashion, body and age.”Your body is your best friend,” the ladies are saying.

The idea of the documentary comes from…

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6 thoughts on “Advanced Style: Style icons over 80

  1. They should have a “love” button on here! I really loved this post. I came across Ari Cohen about a year or so ago when he wanted to record the style doyennes of New York I think it was and the first lady was very suspicious of his motives. I couldn’t remember what the photography book was called and have always had it in the back of my mind that I would like a copy. Thanks for bringing it back up into the public eye again… I really must get a copy. On my Pinterest page I have a page for senior people with style. I applaud them all!

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    • It would be a book worth having! These dames are inspiration for any age group, so glad Ari brought them to everyone’s attention! They’re absolutely fabulous. Plus we’re all heading that direction age-wise, it’s great to have something to look forward to 🙂


      • I agree I’m probably heading there sooner than yourself and I look up to them for their “Don’t care about age” attitude and their grace. Bring it on I say!


  2. I can tell from experience that it is a major challenge for some of us to get to the “Don’t care about age” stage – at least about fashion. For years I’ve been the LLBean type. Lately I’ve been feeling betrayed by seeing slim models and clothes I’ll never wear again in pictures in their the catalogue. The good news is I think I’ve hit rock bottom and given up looking like my younger self. I’m only at the beginning of hunting out vintage clothing stores and daring myself to break out into outrageousness.


    • Aging is a weird thing. We get used to looking as we do. Children are weird too, with all that changing they do. When you’re a child, you’re used to changing, but then you spend a good deal of time looking the same, before changing yet again. I’ve heard a few older people comment that they still feel 20 in their heads, and I can imagine that – being 80 and not relating to how the world sees you, and expects you to be (and behave). I don’t even feel like I imagine a 40 year old woman should be. But I don’t mind standing out style-wise because I always have worn odd clothes, back from when I didn’t know the difference ;D I’ve come to the conclusion a person could wear anything they liked if they wore it with confidence. Love what you wear, I think, and you can pull anything off!


      • Yes, wearing clothes with confidence makes all the difference. And I think that accepting I have the body of an old woman underneath those clothes which affects how clothes fit is critical to self confidence. Most important of all is feeling ageless and a bit indomitable inside.


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