Words Unsaid

I’m not generally the type to let the thoughts fall out of my head unfiltered. So there are many occasions when I’ve not let loose things that were seething to come out, perhaps even things that should have been said.

I think too much, and that’s not a good thing. Balance is everything, and saying too little is as bad in the scheme of things as saying too much.

So the things I haven’t said range from the things I wanted to say – which probably would have included Bad Words, like “heck” and “dash it” – to a certain someone who asked whether a person we once knew had been a wife-beater, or….if it had been “just the odd biff”, to the things I should have said to the same question – which possibly should have included statistics and references to well-researched papers.

As to the things I’ve said in life that I shouldn’t have, I’d need a priest for that.





8 thoughts on “Words Unsaid

  1. I have the opposite problem – too often I have said that which should have been left unsaid! But then, there are also times when I’ve not said something I should have, because I’m too much of a coward. Sometimes I talk to avoid saying anything, know what I mean?
    And then of course there’s the third case: times when you know you need to say something but you don’t think of the right thing until later. Much much later. L’esprit d’escalier strikes again…


    • Oh I understand! Tricky little blighters, words – say them, don’t, there’s so many creative ways to put your foot in it 😀 I’ve been in plenty big trouble for not saying anything when apparently I should have 😛


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  3. I would love to see a new era of epithets like “dash it”– the same old profanity just wears on me. It seems fairly unlikely, though–when you’ve pulled out an oath, you’re generally trying to upset someone, or express your own upset, and something genteel may not give the desired effect.


    • Sadly yes. My mother used to repeat her mother’s saying (going back a ways now) “hang, dash, blow, naughty little swear words….” I wonder though how much passion these words themselves used to express – I mean, probably too much passion for a lady to use!


      • “Hang, dash, blow, naughty little swear words…” Love it! Must try it sometime 🙂
        I still use “drat”, “bother”, “‘bother’ said Pooh”, and “blast” (though I confess I sometimes have recourse to a profane silence). I even know someone who uses the expression “Flaming Norah!” so there is hope for the world yet!


      • Oooh…you guys are obviously very good. I wonder if I could inject the appropriate amount of passion into “fffflaming Norah grrrrrr…” Although I do like “bother said Pooh”!


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