IEP – Follow Up

Emily Shanks Newcomer at School

So the IEP the other day went super well. I was vaguely anxious beforehand and wondering if I had prepared enough, but on the whole I didn’t think I could do much more – the rest would be down to how the school would choose to work with it and us. Having said that, I was fairly confident, since last year’s meeting was very productive, and conducted with a brilliant attitude and heaps of understanding on their part.

New teacher and Senco this year, but once again, I felt very much in caring and competent hands. And they start their meetings with prayer – this is a school which does what it says on the side of the box when it comes to pastoral care and the spirit of Jesus’ teachings, and starting with prayer is committing the outcome to upholding those standards, and I really appreciate that.

And the Prof’s teacher actually had a great report on him – far better than I’d anticipated. According to her, over the course of the first term, he has become more relaxed and happy, he smiles more, and is coping relatively well with interactions with other students. (He even has some girls who consider him their ‘friend’ – oh, that is so awkward, cringe! I don’t think he reciprocates. He’s so anti-social even imaginary friends would be unwelcome.) His organisation and time management are also good (which is not much short of miraculous for a kid I had to dress for school until he was at least 6, just to get to there on time! Although it does concern me that his driver is anxiety.) His pace is another issue altogether. That is a big concern, but at least there are strategies in place around that to work with.

All in all, it was great to just sit down and communicate with the teacher. What I find most difficult generally is that although home and teacher are supposed to work together, I’m not there, so I don’t have a clear picture of what structures and expectations are in class, and of course they only have a superficial picture of him. But having the opportunity to turn all those issues over between us was such a relief.




6 thoughts on “IEP – Follow Up

    • Such wisdom as it is 😛 But yup, I think being honest and sharing experiences helps other people who are going through similar circumstances – there’s too much pretending everything is perfect going around!


  1. I’m glad the meeting went well! It’s always good to have the opportunity to put it all out there to discuss positive progress and potential issues. Like you said, it’s difficult because you can’t be there to see it all and because the teachers can only have a superficial picture of him, but it sounds like both parties are committed to doing what they can to help him be successful. That’s not the case a lot of times. And, like I’ve said before, he’s very lucky to have you in his corner!


    • Thank you! They really are outstanding. I don’t think we could find a better school, possibly in the whole country. Sounds like you are a lot like us, and it’s the kind of school we’d have loved to have gone to! But school was a bit different back in the day lol!


      • That’s awesome! I’m really glad you found such an amazing school! You’re right…school was definitely different back in the day. And I know now that I would’ve gotten a lot more out of it if it had been structured differently or if I had even been allowed to structure myself differently in the environment. Regardless, it’s a good thing that things are changing and improving for people like us! 🙂


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