DIY with the Good Oil


the good oil

There’s a a bit of debate around coconut oil and whether it is the queen of oils – coconut oil has a cult following, but mainstream medicine is rather less enthused about its health benefits over other oils. However, let’s remember this is the same mainstream medical fraternity which has been slow to recognise the brain-gut connection, or call out the everyday chemicals we’re exposed to as health risks.

For me the jury’s still out. So for the purposes of this post, I’d recommend any decent oil which you can get at a reasonable price because I’m not here discussing ingestable uses. I have a bucket of coconut oil because a large amount can be bought at a reasonable price, and I might have mentioned, I’m thrifty and love a good bargain!

And really, the point of this post is saving money by using things you have at home instead of needing to buy a product.

Make up remover and skin cleanser

A small amount of oil on a damp makeup removal pad or cottonwool removes make up, including eye make up which requires oil-based removers, and cleans the skin. You can follow this step with a clean damp pad wiped over the face. I have found this routine has worked very well for my skin without the use of any other products.


As above, put a small amount of oil onto a damp pad and wipe on to the face.  Coconut oil leaves a light and not unpleasant film.

Hand and body cream

It also makes a great handcream, or body or foot lotion, rubbed straight from the pot into the skin, especially dry patches. Used straight, it will leave an oily residue, which can be dabbed lightly with a towel to reduce.


Mixed with baking soda, coconut oil is a surprisingly effective deodorant! The baking soda being the active ingredient, just mix with enough oil to be a carrier for the powder. Rub in about a thumbnail sized amount every morning.


Nappy/diaper rash cream. I use this on the Burglar both to prevent and to treat light cases of nappy rash and redness.


Oil can be used as a conditioner and especially an intensive conditioner. A word of warning though – use oil very sparingly and dissolved in water on the hair, as it can be difficult to remove the residue if too much is used. Ask me how I know.

And once again: Chaos Girl 1, Big Business 0


And here is a great page on the different kinds of oils and their best uses in cooking.




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